Fort Walton Beach, FL

“Whatcha’ say we find a little warm sunshine, an open umbrella on the patio…” – Little Big Town

Miles traveled: 0.1 miles

Today was a perfect beach day on the white sand beaches of Fort Walton Beach! It was really the laziest day I have had in some time…all I had to do was walk out sit my very pale skinned self under the already set-up umbrella on the already set-up beach chair.  From 9-5, it was glorious. I like lazy – we are friends.

So when I say white sand, I mean white, fluffy sand! I’ve never seen anything quite like it, and next to the green water of the gulf – it’s just truly awesome.  Like so white that Sarah looks tan awesome.  We had a seaweed situation again, but not as ankle-wrapping as the previous beach day.  I asked the resident Marine Biology degree holder (not me – Alice – I’m not that bright people!) what was up with the seaweed extravaganza and she provided a logically scientific explanation that went right over my business degree carrying head! She could not however make it disappear, but I swam in it anyways…only to scrub it all off later!

Beaches are a fascinating place.  Humans seem to throw self-consciousness to the wind at the beach. Rock on humans.

After dinner we make a quick stop.  So you know those ginormous beach stores with all the tchotchkes?  Well we ventured into one to find a postcard – I am sending myself a postcard from each place I visit on my road trip to eventually make a book out of it as my trip souvenir – and holy tchotchkes. I mean wall to wall and floor to ceiling tchotchkes.  The clutter cabin of all clutter cabins. A hoarders paradise, if you will.

Well it feels a touch insensitive to continue to write and essentially brag about how totally amazing the beach day was, so keeping this post short today!

Until next time…

– traveljunkE

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