Cleveland, OH to Niagara Falls, NY

“Life is short but sweet for certain” – Dave Matthews Band

Miles Traveled: 212.5

Today was a built-in ‘maintenance’ day and the timing was really quite perfect. I took some Nyquil to get a good night’s sleep and was able to sleep in a bit. Thank goodness! The first item on the day’s agenda was an oil change for the Jeep. While one would think that’s a pretty uneventful event, my oil change came with a complimentary side of ‘angry-receptionist’ (not angry at me). She was a spark-plug of a gal and was on a mission to make sure everyone there knew what her current mood was. It was semi-entertaining until I was stranded by here for about 5 minutes (felt like an eternity) while I waited for the Jeep to be pulled around. It’s amazing how quickly some folks can dump their life’s drama on an unsuspecting stranger…at a Jeep dealership.

Since I still had some time before I needed to get on the road, I drove back downtown, found a parking spot and walked around the city of Cleveland for a bit. Pretty neat city, right on Lake Erie. If I had felt better, I would have made more of a day of it…but rest took priority today.

IMG_7227 IMG_7275

Strolled by Johnny Cash's tour bus

Strolled by Johnny Cash’s tour bus

Cleveland skyline

Cleveland skyline

IMG_7258 IMG_7250 IMG_7248 IMG_7247 IMG_7242 IMG_7241 IMG_7238 IMG_7235 IMG_7229

I drove out of Cleveland on 90 East and into PA, where I hopped off the interstate to catch highway 5 along the lakeshore. It was a nice drive through some wine country and small lake towns. Lake Erie is awesome!  I drove through a quick downpour as I made my way through Buffalo, NY and eventually found my way into Niagara Falls (after paying my $1 toll – amazing that the toll in Ohio was 8 times more than the one in New York! Although I imagine the tolls through the rest of the northeast will make up for that).

IMG_7279 IMG_7283 IMG_7284

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

IMG_7874 b

Lake Erie in PA

Lake Erie in PA

IMG_7870 b IMG_7287

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY

I was having trouble getting pictures to load for this post last night, so I called it a night. Sorry for the late post (again)!

Special guest arriving tomorrow (well it’s really today) so looking forward to that!

Until next time…


day 30

day 30

trip totals

trip totals

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