Rome, NY to Stowe, VT

“Take it all in as the world passes by, getting lost in the twists and the turn” – Zach Brown Band

Miles traveled: 227.3

This morning consisted of mostly driving – it was a five-hour trek up to Stowe, VT. Although a long time in the car, it was an awesome drive. You just can’t beat the scenery of rural New York and Vermont. All but about 35 miles were on back roads today – thank goodness. The few miles spent on the interstate were scary – lots of aggressive driving on the road!


i made a friend at the gas station with the questionable facilities

IMG_7317 IMG_7614 IMG_7321 IMG_7618

I had my mom on alert in the passenger seat – I had assigned her 2 simple duties when I picked her up from the airport the other day: 1. State-line sign photographer (just ask Lindsay, this is not as easy as it may seem – hi pressured position here folks) and 2. Audiobook disc changer (this requires sharp focus and efficient use of fine motor skills – go ahead and laugh, but this is a serious matter). Lord…even during funemployment I still create job descriptions. My mom has had it easy for the last couple of days since we were in one state, but today would be a new challenge – we were crossing a state line. I suggested she practice on some of the road signs – this was a disaster, but hilarious nonetheless. I was there as back-up as after more than 30 days on the road, most solo, I have ninja-like camera skills for the state-line signs. In the end, the 200+ practice shots paid off and we got a decent “Welcome to Vermont” sign photo. What a relief.




the back-up picture

the back-up picture

IMG_7640 IMG_7635 IMG_7626 IMG_7663 IMG_7661 IMG_7653 IMG_7648

For those who are curious, mom does better with the disc changing duty. We had a couple of slip-ups early on, but she sharpened her skills towards the end of the day. We are listening to the new Harper Lee book (quite good) now, since we finished up Amy Poehler’s Yes Please yesterday.

Needing to get out of the car, we made a quick stop at Magic Hat in Burlington, VT. Then we were off to Stowe, home of Ben & Jerry’s (which we are not visiting oddly enough – been there, done that). Since I had dragged mom around for 3 relatively active days, I planned a nice leisurely day for us today in Stowe. We lucked out with a perfect parking spot in downtown Stowe, and hopped out and ambled around town for most of the afternoon, hitting a couple of shops along the way to do some early holiday shopping. Stopped by an antique shop again today, no cameras, but some interesting trinkets to parooze.  Stowe is a great little ski town pulled straight from the scenes of the Sound of Music, less the pre-world war II decor, and the weather is pretty perfect in the summer.  Happy to be here versus the heat of Charleston right now, that’s for dang sure.  Lot’s to do and see in Stowe, and there’s certainly no shortage of maple syrup and maple-syrup related foods, drinks, candies, snacks, soaps (yes, soap), lotions (great way to be attacked by killer ants if you ask me) – really all major food groups covered here.  Literally, covered.  In maple syrup.  No seriously.

IMG_7669 IMG_7694 IMG_7693 IMG_7692 IMG_7688 IMG_7682 IMG_7678 IMG_7670

IMG_7699 IMG_7700 IMG_7701 IMG_7702 IMG_7708 IMG_7710 IMG_7712 IMG_7715 IMG_7723 IMG_7730 IMG_7733 IMG_7735 IMG_7736 IMG_7737

We ventured on up to the hotel, relaxed a bit and then walked across the street to The Bench for dinner. Great dinner – yummy spinach salad, a wood-fired pizza, and some dessert! We are back at the hotel, where we have discovered there are no towels. Happy I didn’t opt to take the first shower – Ha!!

winna winna

winna winna

chicken dinna

chicken dinna

Until next time…


day 34

day 34

trip totals

trip totals

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