Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor, ME

“It’s a beautiful day, Sky falls, you feel like, It’s a beautiful day, Don’t let it get away.” – U2

Got up relatively early this morning to start the day – Acadia National Park was on the agenda, along with a lighthouse sighting, and exploring Bar Harbor. So lots to do today! Since the lighthouse wasn’t going to be open to the public for another couple of hours, we headed to Acadia National Park.

IMG_7438 IMG_7440 IMG_7439

Acadia National Park is a stunning place. Although not a large park, it is the first established National Park east of the Mississippi River, dating back to 1919. Words really do not do it justice, so I will keep this bit short and let the pictures do the talking (pictures really don’t do it justice either, but it’s all I got for ya). We drove the loop trail, enjoyed popovers and a light lunch at Jordan Pond House, hiked around the pond (could have sworn the book said it was only 1.4 miles, so mom agreed to go – it was 3.3 – whoopsie daisy), went to see Thunder Hole, and drove up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain.

IMG_7448 IMG_7711 IMG_7687 IMG_7626 IMG_7613 IMG_7595 IMG_7591 IMG_7590 IMG_7585 IMG_7579 IMG_7552 IMG_7550 IMG_7533 IMG_7527 IMG_7516 IMG_7515 IMG_7484 IMG_7472 IMG_7471 IMG_7469 IMG_7465 IMG_7458 IMG_7457 IMG_7455 IMG_7823 IMG_7915 IMG_7914 IMG_7904 IMG_7899 IMG_7885 IMG_7875 IMG_7866 IMG_7863 IMG_7855 IMG_7852 IMG_7851 IMG_7849 IMG_7845 IMG_7843 IMG_7841 IMG_7831


After leaving the park, we lucked out with a prime spot in downtown Bar Harbor, so took advantage and explored the town. We explored some of the shops, walked down by the habah, found some lobsta jammies for a couple of kiddos back home, enjoyed some tasty ice cream at the famous MDI Ice Cream (I had sea salt caramel – amazing), and snagged some Maine-made dog biscuit for Reese & Montana. I can’t go back home empty handed. After a few hours of walking around – we decided to grab dinner early today since we had an early morning tomorrow. So we pahked the cah by the bah to go have some wicked good lobstah from the habah. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. We selected the menu item called the “Maine Experience” – I mean why not! So we sampled New England clam chowder, Mussels, Lobsta (with the lemon and the butta of course), corn and potatoes, and blueberry pie. I was stuffed. Mom was stuffed (she had strawberry shortcake – she’s severely allergic to blueberries). But it was excellent!

IMG_7925 IMG_7995 IMG_7994 IMG_7991 IMG_7990 IMG_7988 IMG_7987 IMG_7985 IMG_7984 IMG_7983 IMG_7981 IMG_7979 IMG_7974 IMG_7971 IMG_7969 IMG_7968 IMG_7966 IMG_7963 IMG_7962 IMG_7959 IMG_7957 IMG_7950 IMG_7948 IMG_7947 IMG_7942 IMG_7938 IMG_7937 IMG_7933 IMG_7930 IMG_7927 IMG_7926

We waddled back to the Jeep, and made our way back towards the Inn in Southwest Harbor, and went to check out the Bass Harbor lighthouse. We timed it quite well, as the sun was going down when we arrived. Beautiful view of the coast of Maine, great lighthouse, and awesome timing! After checking out the lighthouse, we called it a day, and went back to the Inn.

IMG_8004 IMG_7716 IMG_7754 IMG_7751 IMG_7745 IMG_7742 IMG_7740 IMG_7735 IMG_7729 IMG_7727 IMG_7724 IMG_7723 IMG_7720

Hoping to see some whales and puffins tomorrow!

Until next time…


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