Whale Watching & Bar Harbor

“There’s a place, where the boat leaves from. It takes away all of your big problems. You got worries you can drop them in the blue ocean, but you gotta get away to where the boat leaves from.” – Zac Brown Band

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Super early wake up this morning, which was helped by the early sunrise that you get with being this far up North. I think sunrise was at 5:40am this morning, so it seemed like 9am at 6am when we woke up. Today was whale watching day, and I was pretty excited to get out on the water to see the coast of Maine from a different perspective. Yesterday was pretty foggy out on the coast, so had my fingers crossed that there might be better visibility today.

While a beautiful morning in Bar Harbor, because the air up here has been so ‘warm’ and the water is so cold, it was pretty foggy this morning on the water past the harbor. The captain did give us fair warning and even offered everyone time to decide if they wanted to hop off and get a refund, book for another day, or get a voucher for sometime in the future since the conditions weren’t favorable for whale watching. Since this was our last day in Bar Harbor, we figured we may as well go out for the ride and see what happened – if anything, it would be nice to be out on the water. Plus, if you don’t see any whales, you get a voucher anyways to use within 3 years.

IMG_7758 IMG_7798 IMG_7786 IMG_7783 IMG_7777 IMG_7775 IMG_7770 IMG_7765 IMG_7761 IMG_7760 IMG_7759

Although we did not get to see any whales today (huge bummer, but not at all a surprise), we did get to see a couple of lighthouses, some puffins, a couple of grey seals, a few playful harbor seals, a multitude of various sea birds, jellyfish, and 2 really cool other sightings.

here comes the fog

here comes the fog

IMG_7844 IMG_7836 IMG_7833



arctic terns

arctic terns

there is a lighthouse in there somewhere

there is a lighthouse in there somewhere

First highlight was a pod of about 40-50 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. They were wicked awesome – fast, playful, beautiful animals that hung out with us for a good half hour. The naturalist was elated – she said they see these dolphins on less than 15% of their trips. I did get some pictures of them, although they are not stellar! It was a little foggy out.

IMG_7858 IMG_7957 IMG_7951 IMG_7924 IMG_7916 IMG_7909 IMG_7903

it's a little baby dolphin! so precious

it’s a little baby dolphin! so precious

IMG_7889 IMG_7887 IMG_7875

the water was so calm so it was very clear - you can see them swimming below the surface

the water was so calm so it was very clear – you can see them swimming below the surface

there's one guy swimming below the surface

there’s one guy swimming below the surface

IMG_7869 IMG_7868 IMG_7867 IMG_7861

The other highlight was a mola mola – commonly known as an ocean sunfish. Nothing cute about this animal, but so cool to be able to see one up close. These are the heaviest of all bony fish (they can range anywhere from 500 to over 2,000 lbs), and a rare fish to spot on a whale-watching vessel. So still a fun day out on the water, and it was great to see all the lobstah fishing boats out in the habah.

this guy was not blessed with cuteness

this guy was not blessed with cuteness

mola mola

mola mola

IMG_7991 IMG_8230 IMG_8213 IMG_8204 IMG_8177 IMG_8135 IMG_8063 IMG_8047 IMG_8031 IMG_8025

lookin for tha lobstah

lookin for tha lobstah

IMG_8008 IMG_8001

After hopping off the boat, we made our way back to the jeep and went for a little drive around some other parts of the island – Northwest and Seal Harbor. Both are beautiful places on the island. After a nice little drive, we headed back over to Bah Habah for a late lunch (travel tip – it pays to wait for the crowd to leave) and took a stroll around the town. After paroozing a few shops and enjoying the awesome weather, we capped off the afternoon with a stop at our now favorite ice cream shop for a treat (I had the machta green tea and maine sweet cream – so delicious). We drove back to the Inn for some much needed R&R before deciding on what to do for dinna.

IMG_8024 IMG_8038 IMG_8037 IMG_8036 IMG_8027 IMG_8025

Tomorrow we are driving Highway 1 down the coast of Maine and will be on the hunt for some tasty lobstah rolls. Get excited.

Until next time…

– traveljunkE

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