Baltimore, MD to Louisville, KY

“Wheels are gonna rust if they don’t turn enough, And so the story goes.” – Ashley Monroe

Miles traveled: 656.1

I decided to take the ‘long’, DC-traffic-free way to Louisville, KY. After dealing with New York traffic a few days ago, I just had no desire to tempt fate with DC traffic on a Monday morning…no thank you! So I made my way North to get to Kentucky – seems weird, I know. But for only a 30 minute add-on to my trip time today in a no-traffic route, I likely shortened my commute by a couple of hours – and I only had to drive through West by-God Virginia for just under 6 miles! No offense to West Virginia, but I’ve driven the Western Maryland route through West Virginia, and it’s not my favorite.

IMG_8511 IMG_8510

it's too early in the morning for departure selfless!

it’s too early in the morning for departure selfies!


After passing through a handful of mountain tunnels, I made my first stop in the city of Pittsburgh where I made my way to the top of Mount Washington to get the best view of the city. And it really was the best view – awesome! Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers (all my Baltimore people are cringing right now), is a beautiful city and Mount Washington was a neat little spot with a great city view overlook. I drove up versus taking the inclines to save my self a little cash and also because it was a little confusing trying to figure out where they were. I originally intended to stop for lunch in Pittsburgh, but I really wasn’t hungry at all, so instead I just meandered around in the Jeep for a while, checking the place out. Cool city.

IMG_8515 IMG_8530 IMG_8528 IMG_8526

I topped off the Jeep before heading out of Pittsburgh and then made my way west and south towards Kentucky. I passed through West Virginia for just a couple of miles before getting into Ohio, where I passed through Columbus – home of The Ohio State Buckeyes – and Cincinatti – home of the Reds and Bengals. On the other side of the river from Cincinatti, I finally found my way into the state of Kentucky. So great to be back in a Southern-minded state!  This was a day of a lot of bridges!



passing by Columbus, OH

passing by Columbus, OH

Cincinatti - bengals stadium

Cincinatti – bengals stadium


welcome to Kentucky!

welcome to Kentucky!

So another 5-state day in the books! Not the most eventful day, but 10 hours in the Jeep will do that! I will be exploring Louisville tomorrow before making my way through the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, among other stops, and down to Bardstown.

Until next time…


day 43

day 43

trip totals - map 3

trip totals – map 3

trip totals - map 2

trip totals – map 2

trip totals - map 1

trip totals – map 1

One thought on “Baltimore, MD to Louisville, KY

  1. I really am hooked on your trip and your incredible use of this phase of Funemployment. You are so inspiring to me! I’ve turned my mom and a couple of friends in SoCal onto your blog as well. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with the universe!!

    Can’t wait to read about Louisville and points beyond. Wishing safe travels for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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