Nashville, Day 3

“Oh, Dixie Land, I hope you understand, When I miss my Carolina Home, And I’ve been away way too long, I can’t see this world unless I go, Outside my Southern Comfort Zone.” – Brad Paisley

Miles traveled: 20.4

I started my day today going to a little hidden gem in Nashville – a state park of all things – for a morning hike around Radnor Lake. Beautiful place tucked away in the desirable Brentwood area of Nashville. To get to the park you drive along a curvy, hilly road past some mega mansions (of which I have to imagine someone in the music industry resides in as most all of the homes were gated – no, I did not see anyone I recognized). It was a really nice morning for a hike, and rather unexpected since I am in a major metropolis!


I’ve been trying to catch up on my posts after a few days of less than stellar wifi connection, so I worked on that a little bit this morning after my hike, since I had to come back to the hotel to hop in the shower – actually a lot bit not a little bit since it was a slow connection and it was loading pictures at a glacial pace. But anyways, I’m making a little progress on getting back on track here.

Once I got one post updated, I made my way to music row in Nashville to check it out. Now it sounds fancy, but music row is really more of the music business side of Nashville and it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from my hotel on the West End. It actually feels like you are cruising through a quaint little neighborhood, but it’s actually businesses which are mostly tied to the music industry – law offices, advertising, management groups, labels, production, consulting, and recording studios. So this is where all the magic happens from a behind the scenes standpoint – I passed by places like Curb Records, Warner/Chappel Productions, RCA Victor, Sesac, BMI, BMG, Sony Music Publishing, CMA, and tons more. It was cool to drive around the area, there are quite a few signs up recognizing artists and songwriters for #1 hits, which happen to include some of my favorites from the Country charts!

After cruising through Music Row, I made my way South to Franklin, TN to check out the historic downtown area. Franklin is a quiet and sweet little southern town not 20 minutes or so from the hustle and bustle of music city. It has a good bit of history to it as well, it is the site of one of the bloodiest civil war battles nearby the Carter House and Carnton Plantation. I parked near main street and hopped out to walk through the charming Main Street area and to soak in the sights and southern hospitality – it sure is nice to be back around that this past week for sure! A real sweet lady at one of the little shops, I didn’t get her name, was telling me that Franklin is also home to many country music stars due to its quiet nature. She said that you can seem them walking around town every now and then just like normal folks – no one really pesters them too much, they just maybe give them a polite nod or a kind word and move on. She emphatically explained to me that it was true Southern hospitality that allows the stars of country music to lead somewhat normal lives in Franklin and the Nashville area. Thought that was pretty cool to hear.

I left Franklin and swung back by the hotel to change before heading down to one of the coolest live music venues I’ve been to in a while – 3rd & Lindsley. This place was on the to-do list from the beginning. Not only it is smoke-free and have free parking, it has seen the likes of huge names in the music industry and is one of the best small live venues in the city. Every Sunday night, a local radio station (Lightning 100) broadcasts live from 3rd & Lindsley with up and coming artists. Tonight was headlined by Rayland Baxter – who was great – and Ruby the Rabbitfoot opened the show. She was really good also. It was a great show in a super cool and iconic Nashville music venue. Cannot wait to see another show here one day.

Until next time…


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