A Very Vegan Thanksgiving…and other related thoughts 


“This Thanksgiving I hope that you’re able to avoid the tragedy of the different foods on your plate touching each other.” – Unknown


Can you help me understand the evolution of the vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian movement?

Although a very picky one, I am a meat eater or what I like to call a carnivore-lite (simply put – there are some meats I don’t eat, won’t eat, and/or don’t care for while).  I also have friends and aquaintences that are vegetarians, vegans, and pescatarians.  Really I say to each their own.  So long as you are happy, eat whatever strikes your fancy, and do so for whatever reasons you feel passionately about. If you firmly believe that kale is the new beef, munch away at those iron filled super-food greens. Just be sure to floss. Greens in the teeth…not the best look.  If you take pride in the protein-packed meat fest action, get into it.  Just be sure to floss.  Meat in the teeth…not a great look either.  If sea creatures light up your life and your palate, avoid those tiny bones and consume that old group with gusto.  (Please don’t reheat it though in my presence; nuked fish is a scent that proves too difficult to get rid of).  Just be sure to floss – you could even ‘recycle’ one of hose tiny bones and use that as a tooth pick…wouldn’t that be rich!  Fish in the teeth…well you get the idea.

For anyone that has ever wondered about the birthplace of the vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian movement, I may have had a breakthrough this morning as I observed my almost best friend, Judy, attempting to prep the turkey for the big day.  Perhaps it is events like Thanksgiving – a meat driven holiday of bliss and thanks and wine and football that dates all the way back to pilgrims with big shoe buckles – where a bird is brined, stuffed, slathered in butter, massaged awkwardly, and roasted or fried (oh the horror), that simply pushed some folks over the edge.  So far over that 3 new meal preference categories were created to categorize those that said, “you know what…that turkey violation is more than I can stand – no more meat for me folks.” I can totally understand that logic.  I could rally behind that for sure.  The bird is essentially being violated.  It isn’t glamorous by any stretch of the imagination.  And it’s all for the eventual pleasure of the human (and perhaps canine) as he or she tells a tale of spilt potato water and how the gravy was ruined by some strange gal with a southern accent and upbringing on that one fateful Thanksgiving…


Turkey…it’s not for everyone

I leave you with irrefutable evidence of my discovery.



Turkey 1 – Judy 0

By the way. I love turkey. With a passion. And for once, i’m being serious.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone – carnivores, carnivore-lites, vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, buttertarians, and whichever meal preference category that you identify with!

And don’t forget to floss!

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