Part 20: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

“Get your head out of your cockpit.”  – Leia Organa, played by Carrie Fisher, in Star Wars: The Last Jedi



Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, Best Visual Effects

Basic Plot

This is Episode VIII of the super awesome and epic Star Wars franchise.  One storyline centers around Ray.  The force is strong with this gal and she draws Luke Skywalker out of isolation for some training action.  In the other storyline (aka the Dark Side), Kylo Ren and General Hux lead the First Order in their mission to destroy Leia – who is a General now…girl went and got herself a promo – and the Resistance so they can take over the world Pinky & the Brain style.  Enter Luke who Jedi mind-tricks the hell out of Kylo Ren

My Largely Irrelevant Commentary

I dominated the Chair Curling competition today – broken wrist and all – at the office’s Winter Olympic Games.  It was a Gold Medal performance for Team HR #winning #givememymedal

Side note – the commentators for cross country skiing are the absolute best.  Holy enthusiasm.  Please PLEASE watch the Woman’s Team Sprint and listen to the one guy….you’ll know him when you hear him.  It’s amazeballz with a capital Z.

Let’s Get Technical

In the event these are not super obvious…Sound Editing is basically the creation of sound effects and to earn a nomination, the film has to be aesthetically solid from a sound and sound effects perspective.  Visual Effects…no surprise here…is all about visual effects (sorry – I don’t know another way to say that).  Original Score is all about the composed, original, music that we hear throughout the film.

The Film

I am a fan of the original Star Wars movies (Episodes 4-6), but I wasn’t really thrilled with Episodes 1-3…I mean Jar Jar Binx…really?  So I had not seen any of the Star Wars films of recent years because I felt like the originals simply could not be topped (and let’s be honest, they really cannot!).  So before I watched this one over the holidays, I sucked it up and watched the others that I had missed.  And I was pleasantly surprised! Phew!

Anyways, it was great to see some of the classic characters back in action – Leia, Luke (lookin’ a little rough there, buddy, over on isolation island), Yoda, R2, C3P0, and Chewy.  And there are some wonderful new characters in it as well, some of whom were introduced to us in Episode VII, including a super cute new droid, BB8. Move over R2D2…only kidding.

Sadly, we’ve likely seen the end of the original 3 characters as of the conclusion of this movie.  Han Solo exited the series in Episode VII when his and Leia’s little turd of a son, Kylo Ren, kills him.  And Luke seemingly exited the franchise during this one – in an ending that I haven’t really decided if I like or not.  I absolutely get where they were going with it, but I think I don’t like it largely for sentimental reasons.  Luke is a pillar of the franchise and I’m not buying that he dies as a result of what I like to call “Force mind-power exhaustion.”  I mean Yoda was an ancient little fella lifting planes and shit before he kicked it, so Luke’s end game feels like a trick, especially since he’s been chillin’ out, relaxin’, and actin’ all cool over there on isolation island.  He damn well better be in Episode IX, even if he does come back to hang out with Ben and Yoda as a spirit animal.  This is also, very sadly, the last time we will see Carrie Fisher in the franchise since she passed away last year.  So from that perspective, it was sad to see the original 3 characters go; I do however like the new characters so there is at least some silver lining with that!

But, this film wasn’t about the acting (and I don’t think that most of the Star Wars movies are really – they are driven by the story and the effects) as it’s nominations are all technical so I’m going to stick to that angle here.  It is no surprise to me at all that it received the nominations it did; I really thought the visual effects were great – the scenes with the fighters that leave the red tails behind them was just visually awesome.  As far as the score and sound mixing goes, I think this is an aspect of the Star Wars franchise that absolutely has to be on-point in order to carry the film, and I thought it was done really well.  The sound and visual effects are part of the reason we go to see the Star Wars movies – and we have high expectations for both – and this one did not disappoint.

Bottom Line – this is one of the best Star Wars films to-date and one that is worthy of it’s nominations.  Not sure it takes any little gold men home because there’s big-time competition in these categories, but as a fan it gets my vote.

One thought on “Part 20: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

  1. This episode of Star Wars was one of my favorites! It is also bittersweet due to the loss of Carrie Fisher. If she were still alive, I believe she would have come back for as many episodes as they wanted her two. She was that dedicated. The technical, visual and sound for ‘this film were amazing but they are amazing for ALL the STAR WARS films. I don’t know who they are up against in this category but the others will have to win over sentimental loss I think on this one. JMHO…..

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