Part 21: Wonder

“I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.”- Auggie Pullman, Wonder



Best Makeup

Basic Plot

This movie is based on the book, Wonder, and centers itself around the character of August (Auggie) Pullman.  Auggie has a rare genetic disorder that cause facial deformities and his parents (played by Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts) have decided to stop homeschooling him to send him to a mainstream school.  Going to 5th grade is tough for any kid, especially one with physical difference and the movie follows Auggie through the ups and downs of dealing with bullies, friends, and everything else that comes along with middle school.

My Largely Irrelevant Commentary

Ok.  I’m going to jump on my Winter Olympics soapbox for just a second.

Dear NBC, Can you please balance your programming better?  Cause I am about over the only showing clips and highlights of the women’s competitions, but showing the majority of the men’s competitions.  It’s not for every sport, but get it together, because you really irritated me last night when you skipped over to the Women’s Big Air, blurted out the final results while showing like 2 clips, and then went back to it like 30 minutes later…AFTER YOU HAD ALREADY SPOILED THE ENDING FOR EVERYONE.

And then you show all of 4 minutes of the Gold Medal Women’s Hockey game between the US and Canada (shhh I haven’t watched the whole game yet so please don’t spoil it!!), before cutting out to go to men’s half pipe final or something (which yes, was awesome and we were fortunate to have been able to watch the whole final run). Come on. That is some great hockey and your team is IN THE GOLD MEDAL GAME – 4 minutes is some bullsh*t (sorry for cursing, mom).

Women compete in the Olympics too, ya know.  And women are talented – you should be aware of this given you have 2 pretty stellar female hosts on your most popular morning show.

I’m just saying.  Do better please.

Let’s Get Technical

Wonder pulled in one nomination, for Best Makeup.  So this category is another obvious one, but I’ll get into it for a hot minute.  Makeup in this case includes makeup (duh), hairstyling, use of prosthetics, and things like that.  Typically only 3 films are nominated in this category, no clue why, but just 3 versus the typical 5.  I actually like this category (and the others like it) because it’s a nice little reminder that the behind the scenes folks do some crazy talented stuff for films – that by and large make the film better – and they are really only recognized during awards season.

The Film

I enjoyed the film.  While some parts are harsh (because kids can just be mean), it’s a feel good film with a heartwarming story.  My sister and our pal, Nicole (Starbucks), were weeping like Jude Law in The Holiday before the first scene started.  But really the cast was great and I thought they had good chemistry as a family unit and played off each other nicely.  I particularly enjoyed Owen Wilson; his humor was well balanced and not too much that it pushed the movie into the comedy genre.

The nomination is because of the makeup done for the character of Auggie who, as mentioned up top, has a rare genetic disorder that causes facial deformities.  It is no doubt a highly technical process to create the prosthetics and to then make them realistic and not over the top. I understand the nomination for sure, but I don’t think it comes away with the win against Darkest Hour.  And that’s not to discount the quality of the movie or the makeup artist at all.

Bottom Line – Definitely worth a watch. And if you’re a weepa, bring your tissues or a clean sleeve cause it’ll tug on those heart strings. On the nomination, I’ll put it in the number 2 slot for Best Makeup.


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