Part 23: Logan

“Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made me last too long.” – Logan, played by Hugh Jackman, in Logan



Best Adapted Screenplay

The Basic Plot

Because we haven’t apparently exhausted this story, Hugh Jackman is back for a final time, in the 10th film of the X-Men franchise and the 3rd of the Wolverine series, as Wolverine/Logan to shoot blades from his knuckles and fight some bad guys and a cloned, cleaner shaven, but evil machine version of himself while essentially assuming the care of a little girl, Laura, with the same knuckle blade skill set. The little girl, by the way, is poised to be the new X-Men character so this film is really laying the ground work for that, while at the same time closing out the Wolverine series (this is the 3rd film in that group).

My Largely Irrelevant Commentary

I racked up a couple of medals in our Office Winter Olympics. Our closing ceremonies are later this week and I will be sure to brag about those in a future post.

Speaking of the Winter Olympics. The 2018 Winter Olympics have come to a close….sadly….so to ease my pain, I’m hoping to get a post or two out of it. Be on the lookout for a Winter Olympic edition post coming your way….all 9 of you lol.

Let’s Get Technical

Adapted Screenplay is a writing award and it means that the film’s story is based on or derived from a previously released publication, in this case a comic book series. That being said – and I looked up the history on this one because it’s not my area of expertise by any stretch – Logan is not coming from a single comic book, it’s adapted from a character that began in comic books. For what it’s worth.

This adapted screenplay nomination is a first of its kind for superhero/comic book dramas, so that in itself is a bit of a breakthrough and may very well pave the way for the same nomination for the recently released super-hit, Black Panther. From that perspective, I like the nomination because it breaks down a wall in Oscar land.

Some notable and recent Adapted Screenplay winners for those whose curiosity is getting the best of you: Argo, 12 Years a Slave, The Imitation Game, The Big Short, and Moonlight.

The Film

Normally – unless they come highly recommended – I steer away from the comic book movies, but I did enjoy the original X-Men movies with our boy Hugh and his mutant cohorts. That being said, I never watched the spin-offs into Wolverine land so I don’t have much to compare to here.  This is the final film of the 3-part Wolverine story and more than likely the last time we see Logan (Hugh Jackman).  And it wasn’t half bad. It certainly didn’t feel like a superhero movie, which for me was a relief.  It came across as pretty grounded, actually.

In hindsight, it probably would have been a good idea to have watched the other films in the series because I have to imagine some of it was lost on me. And I may do that one day and rewatch this one (after the Oscars, of course, because time is of the essence).  Even still, I did catch some references that were weaved into the movie that go back to the original X-Men movies, and thought that was done well from a writing standpoint. I have to imagine comic-book fans appreciated those nuances to the film as well, and fans of Logan (and Professor X) had to have been satisfied with this final curtain call.

Bottom Line – I liked it because it didn’t feel like a comic book, superhero movie. From a writing perspective (which is what it was nominated for), if you consider that Logan isn’t scripted from a single source and because of that there’s the added challenge to writing a pretty much fresh story, I kind of like the nomination. I think the writers took a risk in making an atypical superhero movie and they were rewarded for that.

It’s stacked up against a mixed bag of tricks in the Adapted Screenplay category, so it could be anyone’s game. I haven’t watched them all yet, but Mudbound is still my front runner.

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