Part 26: Kong – Skull Island

“I am the calvary” – LTC Packard, played by Samuel L Jackson, in Kong Skull Island



Best Visual Effects

Basic Plot

Ok.  So basic gist of this one is as follows.  We jump in right when the US pulls out of the Vietnam War.  A couple of researchers want to go to this newly discovered island that is surrounded by a constant storm because one believe monsters are there.  So they get a small military team to fly their helicopters with the researchers, tracker, photographer, etc and that’s where they have a not so friendly encounter with King Kong. LTC Packard (Samuel L Jackson) gets super pissed and is immediately out to destroy the ginormous ape come hell of high water.  The fun starts there and they have to ultimately figure out how to get themselves off this weirdo island with the help of an old WWII vet who’s been stranded there for decades.  Yeah, that’s basically it.

The Film

I’m going to start with some general observations:

  1. My initial thoughts were that this was going to be a real short movie given King Kong whipped all those helicopters around like a rhythmic gymnast whips around those ribbons (Olympic sport….really?) in the first 30 minutes.
  2. Giant Spider.  Not ok.
  3. Giant Spider’s exploding innards smothering some dude.  Really not ok.
  4. Giant Water Buffalo guy.  Super cute.
  5. Giant Squid thing. Ugh.
  6. Kong eating giant squid thing’s tentacles. Vom.
  7. Does Brie Larson not sweat?  She survived a pretty severe helicopter crash and not one scrape or drop of sweat.
  8. Poor King Kong…so misunderstood.
  9. Giant Skull lizard thing.  Gross, gross, gross.  Leave the Kong family alone why don’t ya.
  10. Thank you for being you, John C Reilly.

Anyways, I don’t really know what to say lol.  It’s a King Kong movie.  Reality is not in play here.  This is not a movie I would typically watch and while I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t love it either.  I will say I thought Samuel L Jackson was a perfect casting job for his role.  He plays a very convincing man-out-for-revenge style character and he’s got just the right amount of sass in him to pull it off.  And there are other popular names in this film – John Goodman and John C Reilly to name a few.  John C Reilly’s character was great and if he and/or his character wasn’t in the flick it would have been tough to remain engaged in the film.  But this one isn’t about acting or really anything else other than visual effects.   And on that front, I thought they were pretty dang good, even thought some of it made me gag (see #3, #6 above).

Bottom Line – A+ on visual effects.  I’d put it in my top 2 for sure – you have to be talented to pull all of those visual effects together.  And a very respectable C+ for the rest of it.

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