Part 27: Get Out

“I’m T.S. mother-f#&*in’ A. We handle shit.  That’s what we do.  Consider this situation f#&*in’ handled.” – Rod Williams, played by LilRel Howery, in Get Out



Best Picture, Best Lead Actor, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay

Basic Plot

Rose is taking her boyfriend Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) to meet her parents.  Her parents Missy and Dean (played by Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford) initially come across as a bit odd and over accommodating and Chris just assumes it is their way of adjusting to his and Rose’s interracial relationship.  And then Sh*t. Gets. Weird.

My Largely Irrelevant Commentary

The Oscars are this sunday.  Sh*t!!!  I’m feeling the time crunch…prepare to see a lot of reviews posted this weekend.  My apologies in advance.

The Acting

This cast is bada**.  A lot of times horror movies can leave a lot to be desired from an acting standpoint (at least in my opinion). Not for this one.  The familiar faces were great – including our favorite White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford)! And really the entire cast just played so well off of each other.  The parents were perfectly creepy.  The supporting cast really mastered the blank stare and Chris’ TSA friend, Rod Williams, was my absolute favorite…he was hilarious.  And both leads were really great.  Had the cast not worked so well together, I don’t see this movie making many headlines.  So props to the cast for sure.

Let’s talk about Daniel Kaluuya for a hot minute.  Not a well known actor, so this is really his breakthrough lead performance.  I thought he was great in the movie – He sold his character well and his performance was pretty solid, so from that perspective I kind of like the nomination.  Lead Actor is a weak category this year, in my opinion, and I would probably put Daniel in my top 3.

The Film

This was billed as a horror film.  Ugh. Horror films are not my cup of tea.  If I want to be creeped out I’ll turn on CNN or Fox News.  It’s not Texas Chain Saw Massacre horror – thankfully!  It’s more holy sh*t jedi-mind-trickery horror…and it was pretty darn good. I will confess that I watched this one in broad day light because I’m a pansy. I thought the movie was paced really well – The best way I can describe what I mean by that is that it was like that super terrifying rollercoaster that you feel inclined to go on.  It starts out pretty chill – the seats are comfortable, you with great company, it’s a beautiful day – and then you go into that steep, steep anxiety and fear inducing click…click…click…click climb where you’re thinking, “this may have been terrible idea” – and then you tip over the edge and it’s a mind jarring, thrill ride until it’s over.

I cannot explain it lol, but I like the Oscar nominations on this one.  Horror films just don’t typically get that kind of street cred – so I kind of love it.  Jordan Peele really wrote and directed a great film so I like that he’s getting some recognition for it.  Ya’ll – consider this – he is a first-time filmmaker!

Bottom Line – It was funny, freaky, darkly satiric, and quite a thrill ride. If there was an Oscar for Best Ensemble Cast, this group should get a nomination, if not a win – hands down.  Don’t let the “horror film” category prevent you from seeing this one.  If that’s typically not your thing, watch it while the sun is out like I did.

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