Part 28: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

“You look like Mary Poppins” – Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt, in Guardians of the Galaxy 2



Best Visual Effects

Basic Plot

This is a Marvel comics superhero movie based on the superhero team called Guardians of the Galaxy.  In this movie, the team has been hired to protect batteries (seriously?!?) by a bunch of gold painted people with god complexes.  Rocket – THE TALKING RACOON of all damn things – takes some of the batteries and the gold people get a little pissy.  Meanwhile, Chris Pratt’s character, Peter, makes you endure his daddy issues for basically 120 of the 138 minutes of the movie.

I cannot believe I even watched this one. Lol.

The Film

I’m about comic-book-movied out at this point!  Ugh. I want my 2 hours and 18 minutes back.  During the opening of this movie I literally wrote down, “Why am I even watching this?” In my notebook. That is possibly because I had no context for the movie so I had no idea what was happening.  Or possibly because the first scene was an utter visual effects circus/freak show that left me wanting to bury my face in laundry and girl scout cookies.  The only reason I made it past the opening scene was because the little tree guy was so friggen precious.  So friggen precious.  Turns out his name is Baby Groot.  The only other reason (other than this blog) I kept watching is because Chris Pratt is not the worst thing to be looking at on a Wednesday night!


Baby Groot is real friggen cute

This one was only nominated for Visual Effects, which to me is such a cop-out nomination.  You’re telling me this is one of the 5 best visual effects movies of 2017?!  It is loaded with visual effects, and sure they are done well, but I it’s so unoriginal.  And I don’t know why I am picking on this one because several in this category are unoriginal nominations.

Bottom Line – I didn’t see the first one.  Perhaps I should.  But Guardians 2 makes me not want to see it!  It’s only endearing qualities are that it had good music at times (Sam Cooke and Fleetwood Mac), there was some comic relief, and that baby Groot is real damn adorable.  It makes me look forward to watching War for the Planet of the Apes.  *tear*

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