About Me

Hi folks.  Thanks for reading my blog!  It seems only fair to share a little insight into myself. So here goes:

I believe in the cosmic joke – that everything is, in some way, amusing.  I am an HR professional.  I am a travel-obsessed neat freak.  I am sarcastic.  I am an ISTJ.  I am a Capricorn/Aquarius cusp.  I enjoy a life of weight fluctuations.  I like to poke fun at myself all the time.  I love a great adventure.  I am a live music junkie.  I am a bookworm and super nerd.  I think writing is becoming a lost art.  I deeply admire my friends.  I love and respect my family.


traveljunkE (me)

I’ve got a couple of sections of my blog…so here’s a little about each of them:

Road Trip U.S.A.:  This is my first attempt at blogging and really the beginning of my blogging addiction.  Some background – I lived in Baltimore from 2011 to 2015 – relocated there for work – where I was working my tookus off, and enjoying a pretty fantastic, fast growing career.  Although I loved my job and my team, after working in Corporate America for nearly 10 years, I decided to take a break and make a move back to my hometown of Charleston, SC to start a new gig with a new employer.  While I enjoyed a wonderful career, the politics of Corporate America just wasn’t for me!

I chose to take 4 months off between jobs – to be voluntarily unemployed.  It’s a period of time I like to refer to as my funemployment (I highly recommend it to anyone).  I had the travel bug (again), so I hopped in my Jeep and set out on a 7-week road trip around the USA.  My end-goal was ultimately to hit the rest of the 50 states that I had yet to travel to and then some.  This section of the blog follows my road-trip around the USA, including pictures at many of the stops.  Hence, ‘girl.jeep.road’.

The general plan

The general plan for my road-trip

14 Days on the Colorado: I love a great adventure and exploring the outdoors, especially when you can find those remote spots where you can be completely disconnected from everything that distracts us on a regular basis.  I like being able to shut off the phone and throw it into the bottom of a bag, and to not have any reason to need or want it!  During my Funemployment, I joined my dad on a 14-day river trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. It had been nearly 18 years since my last visit to the magical Grand Canyon, and this section follows my dad and I along our rafting trip. Which was epic to say the least.

Can You Help Me Understand?:  This is the latest section of my blog and it really speaks directly to my belief of the cosmic joke.  Life is too short to take it so damn seriously.  There’s no rhyme or reason to what I write about on this blog or when I decide to post (I do work full-time) – but hopefully it keeps the readers entertained (and if not, that’s ok too)!

Anyways -thanks for reading!
– traveljunkE

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